Flash Talk Polar Space

49th Flash Talk: POLAR SPACE
12 November 2015
Estonian National Library

Flash Talks will light up the polar areas. How do people really live and survive so far from everything and in extremely cold conditions? What happens to our organism when we spend a longer period in the polar areas? How long do our bodies need to get used to polar conditions and what kind of a space does our organism need, in order to survive. What kind of changes might be happening in the polar areas in near and more distant future? How could architects contribute to the development of the area and what could be changed for the better? What kind of opportunities do polar areas offer us today and what are polar scientists up to?

Mari Hunt, architect

Timo Palo, geographer
Andres Tarand, climatologist
Rein Vahisalu, cardiologist
Urmas Dresen, historian
Riho Västrik, documentary maker


POLAR SPACE is part of Flash Talk programme. The goal of Flash Talks is to invite the wider audience to think about and express opinions regarding the development of public space around us. We aim to inspire public discussion on architecture and to make more people see that good public space and architecture is in the interest of everyone. Flash Talks format brings to the stage 5-6 presentations per evening, each 9 minutes long and followed by a moderator-led round of questions and discussion. Flash Talks series is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and Weber - Saint Gobain Ehitustooted.
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